A fabulous and over-the-top combined birthday party was held at the new SUR Lounge in West Hollywood for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammer & Adrienne Maloof on Thursday night. So much anticipation was in the air to see the new creation of Lisa and her husband Ken Todd the new SUR Lounge directly connected to their popular and dreamy SUR Restaurant. Everyone was blown away by the fabulous decor and style of this great new hot spot, complete with a gorgeous bar, several interior lounges, private dining room, indoor-outdoor lounge the spectacular garden terrace in the back with the 12 foot tall Bronze Shiva standing guard. All the while Lisa’s D.J. spinning the hottest tunes for guests to enjoy and get in the party mood.

Guests began arriving at 7:30 PM many dressed in Pink as the invitations clearly read “Think Pink” Lisa’s favorite color. For hours everyone chatted, nibbled on delectable appetizers and had unlimited cocktails or the free-flowing and fabulous Angel champagne as they walked, talked and toured the gorgeous setting. It was the who’s who of L.A. and great fun as many of us all knew each other and it was like a high school reunion. The cocktail party lasted for hour till the culmination when 6 shirtless guys came in with sparklers and three beautiful birthday cakes for the birthday girls. After the candles were blown out the party continued with male and female go-go dancers dancing on the bar and a live singer to entertain.

Around 11:30 many guest sat in the various lounge areas or private dining room to have a wonderful dinner from SUR Restaurant next door. It was a great event, one of the most fun evening L.A. has seen in a while that lasted until the wee hours. When I was asked what made this such a great party, I simply said having a stunning environment, great food and great friends all together at one time, how could it not be a great party. Anything Lisa touches is simply the best and SUR Lounge is sure to be one of the best lounge spots in the city. Now that it is officially open you MUST go and try it for yourself.


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump not only owns Beverly Hills’ hot spot Villa Blanca, she now owns the city!

RadarOnline.com was present at Lisa’s Villa Blanca restaurant Tuesday night when Beverly Hills mayor Jimmy Delshaddeclared March 1 “Lisa Vanderpump Day”, and in an exclusive interview, Lisa tells Radaronline.com: “I’m shocked but I couldn’t be happier.”

“It’s overwhelming to tell you the truth,” Lisa tells us. “I love Beverly Hills and am privileged to live in such an amazing city.”

Mayor Delshad recognized Lisa for her charitable and philanthropic work and presented her with a written proclamation, a plaque with an engraved key to the city and officially made March 1 Lisa Vanderpump day.

“Now that it’s my day, you all must wear pink and carry a dog,” Lisa jokingly said as she made a short speech after she’d been honored.

Lisa, who is referred to as Pinky in the upscale and super rich Beverly Hills social scene, says she can’t be believe she’s being recognized for simply being herself and trying to help others.

“I’m taken by surprise, really,” Lisa says. “The charity work I do is from the heart and I do them privately. I’m lucky and fortunate I can give back to others. Mayor Delshad left me speechless as he recognized me for something I do from the kindness of my heart. I’m honored and will be forever grateful to the Mayor Delshad and to the city of Beverly Hills.”

Many of Lisa’s close friends and family were on hand to help celebrate her honor, including RHOBH co-stars Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong, and Lisa’s sexy husband Ken Todd and her two children Pandora and Max.

As RadarOnline.com was first to report, Lisa and Villa Blanca chefs prepare food every Monday and deliver it to a local Beverly Hills church to do their part to help feed the city’s homeless. For the past two years, the restaurant has helped feed the city’s homeless.

“I’m just one person but I’m happy I can help in a small way,” a humble Lisa says. “It breaks my heart knowing that there are some people out there that are without food and that’s very important to us. Do you realize that there are 40,000 people on the street, every night in Los Angeles? It’s huge and it’s a problem.”

Camille, Adrienne, Andy, and Kyle stopped by for a fun dinner at Villa Blanca with Giggy and I.

Viewers’ questions and Lisa VanderPump and Ken Todd tell Andy Cohen if they have any regrets about doing the show.

Here are some photos from New Year’s Eve on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” NYE Special.

Thanks to Reality Chopped for the great portait of the Gigster and I.

Thanks to wetpaint.com for compiling a list of my quotes thus far.

An episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without a snappy Lisa quip is like a day without sunshine. Her witty take on the crazy drama is the best reason to tune in! So here are Lisa’s funniest, boldest lines from the entire season so far (although picking our favorites was kinda like ranking our own children). Because Lisa is like movie-theatre popcorn — we just can’t get enough!

10. The husbands didn’t seem to mind (Episode 1.3)
Lisa: Camille’s dancing was, like… she was really shaking it and moving it. I think all that’s missing was a pole, really.

9. Lisa is crestfallen (Episode 1.7)
Lisa (about Cedric): I was very disappointed to see that under all that dynamite, there’s like a two-inch fuse.

8. Kim finds her happy place (Episode 1.1)
Lisa: It was all good fun, but Kim seemed much more reserved and much more on the outside. Maybe she went back to Witch Mountain.

7. Can we borrow those books? (Episode 1.3)
Lisa: Taylor was playing with that cotton candy. She was kind of licking it and chewing it. Doing things that I had only read about in books.

6. If at first you don’t succeed… well, maybe you should just give up (Episode 1.7)
Lisa (about Kim): Should she get married again? I don’t know. She’s tried it three times — maybe she’s not much good at it.

5. Everyone has different dreams (Episode 1.1)
Kyle: Here’s to hoping my boob doesn’t fall out.
Lisa: Here’s to the exact opposite.

4. Let’s face it: just about anyone could hold their own with Kim. (Episode 1.7)
Taylor: Can he hold his own?
Lisa: Does he have to hold his own? That’s why he’s meeting Kim, isn’t it? So he doesn’t have to!

3. What does he get on his half-birthday? (Episode 1.1)
Lisa: My husband calls me a sex object. He says every time he wants sex, I object. I say to him, you know what? Christmas and birthdays. And it’s your birthday, not mine; it’s another day off.

2. Russell’s not feeling the love (Episode 1.3)
Lisa (about Russell): I mean, Taylor’s a bright, vivacious, attractive woman. Evidently, opposites attract.

1. Lisa should leave the matchmaking to someone else (Episode 1.6)
Lisa (about setting Kim up): I actually have somebody in mind, but he’s — actually, he’s still behind bars.

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