New Jersey, Atlanta, New York, O.C., D.C…. and now, Beverly Hills! On October 14, ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ will bring another group of feisty woman to the small screen. And the big question is: what should we expect from this new group of ladies?

PopEater asked new cast member Lisa Vanderpump to sum it up in one word. “Bling,” she replies with a smile. “Naughty bling.”

That’s actually two words. But when you’re as rich as she is, you’re allowed an extra word. And truth be told, Vanderpump says the bling-factor will push the show in the world’s most desirable zip code to a whole new level.

“Beverly Hills won’t disappoint. There’s a different level of lifestyle and sophistication here. No doubt about it,” Vanderpump, who owns hip eateries Villa Blanca and Sur, says.

“Some of the houses [on display] are amazing. These are places people would normally never see inside,” she says. “Normally these women are so private. It was actually sort of surprising to see the quality of women willing to open their lives and homes up.”

In addition to Vanderpump, the cast will be rounded out by Kim and Kyle Richards (Paris Hilton’s aunts), Adrienne Maloof-Nassif, Camille Grammar and Taylor Armstrong.

Despite the Faberge exterior, which makes the marbled mansions from their sister New Jersey show look like starter homes, Vanderpump says there is a whole lot of dirt to uncover. “It shows you, that all that glitters is not gold,” she warns. “It just shows that even if you live in a fabulous house you have your own stresses, you have your own problems.”

“Just because your house is big doesn’t mean you don’t have your own emotional issues.” And then some.

She cites fellow cast mate Camille Grammar–who filed for divorce from Kelsey Grammar in July–as a prime example of the 90210 duality. “You can see that in Camille Grammar. Doesn’t matter how many houses you have, if suddenly your husband is suddenly with some bimbo in New York, it doesn’t matter how big your house is.”

“Sorry, I’m being honest,” Vanderpump adds.

We’re guessing that unique brand of honesty may cause some drama on the show. “I can be the baddie. I have a little of everything in me,” she says. And the fireworks will start before you know it. I thought it would be pretty tame for the first season. But we go pretty quick out of the starting gate!”

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ premieres October 14 on Bravo at 10/9c.

Andy Cohen & Ryan Seacrest discuss Lisa Vanderpump & The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills launched here in America last night, and I for one was glued to the telly.

I love Kim and Kyle Richards, but I couldn’t ignore the British contingent on show. Step for forward Lisa Vanderpump, it’s your time to shine!

Born and raised in London, to some Lisa’s been around forever, I remember her from the Shadow Lounge days back in London’s West End not so long ago… Lisa was one of the owners, and the place was one of the more prestigious gay clubs in town, and any gay, who was any gay, went there!

Uber chic VanderPump, a former actress (aren’t they all) has gone a bit more up market these days, she now owns several restaurants in Los Angeles with hubby Kenneth Todd, two of which I frequent often, Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, and one of my favorites, Sur in West Hollywood.

She says her life has changed much over the last two years since her kids left home, but she still likes to keep her life busy. At least she has Ken, her houseboy Cedric Martinez (he’s gay), and Gigolo, or Giggy as she calls him (he’s her pet Pomeranian, even ‘Giggy’ has his own website!)

For me, the funniest part in the season premiere of this non-scripted ‘Dynasty-style’ reality show was when the gang of girls boarded a private jet, as it took off they clinked their champagne glasses to celebrate, um… togetherness (amidst the bitching), then Kyle came out with the most outrageous of comments, saying: “Here’s to hoping my boob doesn’t fall out!” Lisa’s quick witted and hysterical response was: “Here’s to the exact opposite!” Ah… See, spoken like a true Brit, and how very camp of her. You’ve got to love this woman, if only for that comment alone!

Witty ‘Brit-chick’ Lisa is my kind of lady (so is Kyle actually), and just as she says, “If you can play the game, there’s no better place to live it than in Beverly Hills!” And I couldn’t agree with you more Lisa… So er, when are we going out for drink, eh love?!

I think Bravo have struck gold with this particular installment in The Real Housewives series’, it’s stellar TV … I can hardly wait till next weeks episode!

Click to view the video of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills talking to Niecy Nash on Entertainment Tonight in Villa Blanca.

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