December 2010

As we find ourselves in the midst of the holidays I feel like I am on an express train desperately trying to put on the brakes and slow down… just for a second. Life has been frantic lately but I managed to squeeze in an amazing weekend recently, a lot of fun… But maybe not for the fainthearted!

Birthday Adventure
It was my birthday and I decided that I wanted to try a unique experience, something that I would remember for a lifetime. However, being that my husband finds the teacups at Disneyland stressful, I wondered if he would accompany me on an adventure of the caliber I had in mind. So with much anticipation of a refusal I begged him to take me on a hot air ballon ride. I knew that it was possbile in Del Mar and had heard that the Hotel L’Auberge would organize a complete package. Surprisingly, he acquiesced.Click to download the pdf version

Now I know this has zero to do with Beverly Hills but it was such af abulous trip, I wanted to share it. The hot air ballooning was absolutely stunning, I had prepared myself to think it would be windy and cold, but I completely misjudged it. As you travel with the wind, there is no breeze at all. Champagne in hand, we traveled gently over Rancho Santa Fe in an almost trance like state; what a surreal experience!

After our grand flying adventure, we went back to the hotel to enjoy the relaxing view. A mid sized hotel, L’Auberge is situated right on the ocean and is very intimate. It has just benefited from a major refit, resulting in an absolute jewel. Truly a wonderful break and just as hort ride from Beverly Hills. It is so gorgeous; I wanted to stay for weeks.

As a special treat they arranged a backstage visit to the San Diego Zoo… oh I felt I had died and gone to heaven. After hand feeding the elephants and some sort of anteater, called a pangolin (I could definitely live without him), I was then able to get nose to nose with the most exquisite panda, a darling bear that I found difficult to tear my self away from. All in all, it was an unforgettable birthday experience.

Color Commentary
Anyway back to BH. I have always endeavored to find the best colorist – not that I have any grey hair – well maybe a couple… of hundred! Wait does my husband read this? Anyway I have tried many salons, but am now confident that Batia and Aleeza on Camden Drive, who now colors my hair, are second to none.

As a brunette, I color my hair every six weeks or so. Before I discovered them I had tried many well-known salons and always ended up with the same problem. After three weeks or so, a slight gingerish tone would appear and the lustrous brown would fade, well no longer! Batia and Aleeza’s process involves an ammonia free, semi permanent conditioning that has worked wonders for me.

Being a part of the show, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, life has been incredibly busy. Between promoting the show, traveling, etc, the life previous to this has all but disappeared. I have to say, even though at times things were a little tricky, it has been an amazing experience. However, throughout the whole experience, I have remained dedicated to operating our restaurant Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills.

Lately our house wines have been so popular at the restaurant that we have decided to make these wines available to anyone who wants them. They are beautiful bottles and even better wines. But what gets me most excited is that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Lou Ruvo clinic, Keep the Memory Alive. I am passionate about supporting this clinic that has already done so much in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. Statistics show that one in three of us by the time we reach eighty will succumb to this horrible disease, so whilst we strive for longevity, Alzheimer’s remains a very prevalent and threatening reality for many.

Thanks to for compiling a list of my quotes thus far.

An episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without a snappy Lisa quip is like a day without sunshine. Her witty take on the crazy drama is the best reason to tune in! So here are Lisa’s funniest, boldest lines from the entire season so far (although picking our favorites was kinda like ranking our own children). Because Lisa is like movie-theatre popcorn — we just can’t get enough!

10. The husbands didn’t seem to mind (Episode 1.3)
Lisa: Camille’s dancing was, like… she was really shaking it and moving it. I think all that’s missing was a pole, really.

9. Lisa is crestfallen (Episode 1.7)
Lisa (about Cedric): I was very disappointed to see that under all that dynamite, there’s like a two-inch fuse.

8. Kim finds her happy place (Episode 1.1)
Lisa: It was all good fun, but Kim seemed much more reserved and much more on the outside. Maybe she went back to Witch Mountain.

7. Can we borrow those books? (Episode 1.3)
Lisa: Taylor was playing with that cotton candy. She was kind of licking it and chewing it. Doing things that I had only read about in books.

6. If at first you don’t succeed… well, maybe you should just give up (Episode 1.7)
Lisa (about Kim): Should she get married again? I don’t know. She’s tried it three times — maybe she’s not much good at it.

5. Everyone has different dreams (Episode 1.1)
Kyle: Here’s to hoping my boob doesn’t fall out.
Lisa: Here’s to the exact opposite.

4. Let’s face it: just about anyone could hold their own with Kim. (Episode 1.7)
Taylor: Can he hold his own?
Lisa: Does he have to hold his own? That’s why he’s meeting Kim, isn’t it? So he doesn’t have to!

3. What does he get on his half-birthday? (Episode 1.1)
Lisa: My husband calls me a sex object. He says every time he wants sex, I object. I say to him, you know what? Christmas and birthdays. And it’s your birthday, not mine; it’s another day off.

2. Russell’s not feeling the love (Episode 1.3)
Lisa (about Russell): I mean, Taylor’s a bright, vivacious, attractive woman. Evidently, opposites attract.

1. Lisa should leave the matchmaking to someone else (Episode 1.6)
Lisa (about setting Kim up): I actually have somebody in mind, but he’s — actually, he’s still behind bars.

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Lisa Vanderpump is more than just a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. “I don’t actually spend hours on end shopping,” she says. The restaurateur, designer, and actress co-owns Villa Blanca, which just opened on Brighton Way. She tells us about her sugar obsession, where her dogs get spoiled, and the best place in L.A. for flower lovers.


Thanks to Reality Chopped for the great portait of the Gigster and I.